Today we are playing a PC game The Last of Us: Part II

The Last of Us 2 is one of Sony's biggest exclusives. The Last of Us: Part II is confirmed to follow the lie of two characters Joel and Ellie. As per the verdict, The Last of Us: Part II is an emotional game that includes beautiful themes of tribalism or Grey areas of morality. In this game, Troy Baker warns us. At the outset of the game, the actor Joel who show the part in old series told about that we were not ready to play right now. The Last of Us 2 has better than your expectations or you may not be prepared to deal with emotional impacts.

The Last of Us 2 is entirely a Masterpiece in the game not only it has improved the computer but it has emotional storytelling. Undoubtedly, The Last of Us 2 has exceeded the boundaries of games that we want to know. You get the best adventure thrilling experience in the game that you have never imagined.


The Last of Us: Part II provides the thrill to explore the new ground. Furthermore, the game has several core elements in the series. As you all know, Last of Us was released 7 years ago or it has several things to participate in in the game. Now, you have imagined several welcome adjustments or additions in The Last of Us 2. For more information about the game, you can go to Torrent or get as much as data.

What to do in The Last of Us: Part II?

The Last of Us 2 has several options that mean you do not do to look more troubles to finish the game. Let's find a foretaste of several tips or tricks that would recommend to all the participants. Now you can check out all these tips carefully what you have to do in the game.

Reload gun always

You have to reload or make the stuff all the time. In The Last of Us: Part II, you can enjoy the action or Encounters which people catch sometimes off guard. You have to keep the gun magazines full as often as possible. You make sure you look into the backpacker supplies that would be health packs or explosives. During the battle time, you can utilize all the things effectively.


Do not face danger head-on

It's mentioned that you do not want to go on towards danger because you will be taken out as soon as possible. You have to improve your aim it will help to kill more and more enemies. Once you have focused on weapons you do not manage to struggle more. You make sure that you are consistently moving but the assault on the Enemies from all the pieces. In emergencies, you can use firearms to protect it by all the enemies.

Crouch to obscure the footsteps

To dampen the footsteps, it's mandatory to crouch as often as possible. You can dedicate Lee push that thumbs taker in the current position or it will help to move silently. Remember that you have to go prone if you want to hide under the tall grass or cars. Remember one more thing you have to heal yourself in a difficult time or after an enemy spots you. This time you can use health kits or health supplies.

Use distractions for the advantage

Bricks and bottles are a great way to break the Enemies or glasses but they can be used after pulling on the enemies. Now you can use these things to make divergence for distractions for enemies. When you can successfully use the throwables, you can rush on Enemies effectively. Free Games

Don't need to engage always

In The Last of Us 2 fighting is mandatory but it doesn't mean that you also have to attack. When your energy point is low or you don't have enough resources to consider using the supplies or staying away from the undetected enemies. When you will have no option but you have to only fight it's good to fill the gun appropriately. To get rid of the Enemies silently or if you are struggling with health you can use silencers for the pistols. It allows us to eliminate all the Enemies without getting any movements.

You can help the collectible tracker

While playing The Last of Us 2 new game you can search for free collectibles. It's worth getting all the collectibles or you can switch to use the collectible tracker in the setting. It enables you to find the collectibles effortlessly. So now you can unlock all the important Platinum Trophies when you have found the collectibles easily.

Release date

To play, you can simply download The Last of Us 2. Those who are waiting for a new segment in the last of us 2, your wait are over now. Now, you can go on the joy of the ride, adventure in The Last of Us: Part II. The game was launched in June 19, 2020.



The standard edition is available in $59.99/£49.99/AU$69.


Well, the size of The Last of Us 2 is quite larger than other games. This game requires 100 GB of space. After install about your drive, it will occupy 78.3 GB.


- Amazing, provocative narrating

- Wildly responsive battle soaked in the pressure

- Quick level structure grounded in a stunningly acknowledged universe


- A story so made it periodically loses the center


Looking for the best PC game? The Last of Us 2 is a completely different game or hopefully, you can enjoy the best nature of Naughty dogs. If you still want to know about The Last of Us 2, you can download the game or play ones.